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Lucia Fucks the Bondage Toy with the Big Red Strapon

In this video, Mistress Lucia is all decked out in latex. She has the bondage toy bound in a rubber straightjacket and bent over a fucking stand. She dons the big red strapon and fucks the bondage toy with it hard.

Here is a little preview for you
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Cloud and Mindy

This was the first Fetish shoot I did with a digital camera back in 2003.
Mindy wanted to shoot with me. Cloud was my Photography assistant at the time.
We had fun and I got Cloud in on the shoot as the top.


Special Agent Sarah

Sarah wanted to dress up as a “Special Agent” So we put her in a latex catsuit, leather corset and sent her out with a SIG P220 and a H&K USP.45


Tegan Mohr in a Blue Catsuit

Tegan came over and we decided to shoot with the blue latex catsuit and a stormy leather corset for fun.


Lucia and Rebel go to the Coffee Shop

We were out doing a public Fetish shoot and the girls wanted to go get coffee

Watch The video here


Penny Lick in her Latex Catsuit

Penny Lick came over with her new Latex Catsuit to get some pictures taken.


Casey in the Park

Casey Came up to do a Girls and Guns Photoshoot. We first went out to a local park to get acquainted with working with each other.