January Seraph and Lady Lethe go for a walk

January Seraph and Lady Lethe are dressed in latex head to toe when they go out for a walk



Boy FuckToy Chained up out in the Yard

The Boy FuckToy is chained up out in the yard while Mistress goes shopping. He was chained up alone and helpless for over three hours



Strapon Orgasm

The Second Video from our Fisting and Fucking Session, in this episode, the Girl FuckToy has an orgasm while fucking the Boy FuckToy with a StrapOn


you can see the whole video here in the members’ section

Fuck Toy Fisting

The First video from our Latest Deep Fisting session. This segment shows the Girl FuckToy fisting the Boy FuckToy almost to her shoulder.


you can see the whole video here in the members’ section

Nyxon at the Beach

Nyxon was out here in Seattle so we decided to go out to the beach Here is a video of our excursion .


Caelyx Chained up in the Yard

Caelyx came over to do a fetish photoshoot and ended up chained down out in the back yard



Casey in the Park

Casey Came up to do a Girls and Guns Photoshoot. We first went out to a local park to get acquainted with working with each other.